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Rowan Lommel, E-RYT, Yoga Therapist

“As a longtime yoga practitioner, I know what yoga can do to advance healing. Rowan has the right background, excellent training and personal qualities which make her an ideal yoga teacher.  I refer patients to her with great confidence.” 
Reuben A. Weininger, M.D.
  • Private Yoga Lessons
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga
  • Special Event Teaching
  • Yoga Retreats and Workshops
  • Vedic Chanting
  • Presentations on Yoga
Seeing everything that goes on in your daily life, your daily activities — when you pick up a pen, when you talk, when you go out for a drive or when you are walking alone in the woods — can you with one breath, with one look, know yourself very simply as you are? - J. Krishnamurti

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