Private Groups, Yoga Therapy,  and One-to-One Yoga in Ojai, California

Upcoming Events:  Yoga and Inquiry Retreat: Unitive Perception (August) — Mudra-s and Bandha-s Workshop with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar (September) 

Inaugural course of the New School of Yoga: 6 month, 200-hr certification course with focus on Yoga Therapy, launches in June of this year. See details.

Rowan Lommel,
E-RYT, Yoga Therapist
IAYT Member

Let's discover your yoga practice, a practice uniquely suited to your needs that becomes part of your life.

Here is something I wish everyone knew: even a simple daily 15-minute personal practice can make profound shifts in your whole life.   

My goal and passion as a yoga teacher is to support you and your potential with a personal practice. Through studying yoga in-depth in India and elsewhere, I discovered that yoga can help a person most fully when it is uniquely adapted to each unique person—and when they are empowered to practice yoga in their own time and space. An individual practice meets the specific needs of the individual.  

Please contact me for a free initial consultation by phone about discovering your personal practice, or read more here.

“As a longtime yoga practitioner, I know what yoga can do to advance healing. Rowan has the right background, excellent training and personal qualities which make her an ideal yoga teacher.  I refer patients to her with great confidence.” 
Reuben A. Weininger, M.D.


  • Private Yoga Lessons
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga
  • Special Event Teaching
  • Yoga Retreats and Workshops
  • Vedic Chanting
  • ​Presentations on Yoga
Seeing everything that goes on in your daily life, your daily activities — when you pick up a pen, when you talk, when you go out for a drive or when you are walking alone in the woods — can you with one breath, with one look, know yourself very simply as you are?
 – J. Krishnamurti

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